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Sunday, March 6, 2011

installing xrecovery (Xperia X10 only)

so for this post i'll be posting How-to-install xrecovery on your xperia x10

What is xrecovery?

"xRecovery is a custom recovery console that allows you to manage backups and install ROMs, themes and applications from zip files. Other functions include the ability to wipe your phone and manage partitions. "

This is the only xrecovery that would only work with the Xperia x10i. So I don’t recommend using other app that you might find on the app market, unless you have made a study on it.  Remember! I don’t guaranty other app or method will work. You might brick you Xperia.

A special thanks to xda dev member

zoz33 for his apk installer!
Walkmann for X10 HD solution

You can get the latest xRecovery from the Xda forum. Version 0.3 is latest version during this writing that works perfectly on xperia x10 and for xperia x8 get the 0.1 version. Try to visit the xda-developers forum for the latest info on the xrecovery version and method on installing.

Requirement before proceeding,
1. a rooted xperia
2. busybox by stecricson- can be download from the market.
3. of cos the xrecovery.apk from a trusted source.


·         ADB root shell
·         Reboot
·         Install from SD Card
·         Factory reset (full wipe)
·         Wipe cache partition
·         Install custom zip
·         Backup and Restore
·         Partition tools
·         Mount/unmount partitions
·         Format partitions
·         Mount as USB Storage
·         Advanced options
·         Wipe Dalvik cache
·         Wipe battery stats
·         Fix permissions for apps (FC fix)

How to install xrecovery,

transfer the apk file to your SD then Open xRecovery installer app with a file manager and tap "Install xRecovery"

look at the picture below, follow the sequence of the picture, the xrecovery installer only help you detect the xrecovery.apk file and installed it.

after installing the xrecovery installer, let the installer look for the xrecovery.apk file that you have put in the sdcard. put it on the root of the SD to make it more easy to find.

make sure you select the "allow" button,


Manual Installation:
- Download the apk, rename it to xrecoveryZIP
- Unpack the file, find ./res/raw folder inside. It should contain 3 files (chargemon, busybox, xrecovery.tar)
- copy these 3 files into /system/bin using root explorer (remember to remount /system rw

Please bear in mind that it's not the regular android recovery (we cannot replace recovery image without cracked bootloader). Instead, the boot hijacking is used to start recovery mode. You still need basic files on your /system partition to use this. NEVER use the "format /system" option (it's there only to check if anyone reads this long, boring note).

This recovery is NOT tested for compatibility with app2sd! Use at your own risk.

This recovery WILL be used to flash custom roms easily.

DO NOT reinstall busybox. Recovery depends on it's particular busybox version

If you are confidence with the installation, its time to do some testing. It may sound easy, but sometime we just make mistake. So testing is required. To boot into the console, restart your phone and press the back button a few times after the white text Sony Ericsson logo appears (its the first logo that appear when you start up the phone). Once it starts (something like the following picture), use the volume-up and volume-down buttons to scroll through the menu. Press the home button to select an option and the back button to go back.

the xrecovery interface should look like this, 

this guide is base on the guide from the xda forum thread. 

xRecovery 0.3-release - flash with xRecovery to get offline charging.


  1. i cant install the xRecovry as what you show in here..what should i do??

  2. what type of experia are u using? sorry. i should have mention this method is for xperia x10 only.

  3. Replies
    1. x10 mini u can refer to my post on x8. almost the same.

  4. I've downloaded and installed it, but when I run it I get 3 red "STOP" icons @ your 5th screen. Any ideas?

  5. Some extra info I've just found out:
    the first file already exists
    the second and third give the message "Read-Only file-system"

  6. Yup, I've got a couple of apps (i.e. Screenshot) that require root access and they work, so rooting appears to be succesfully executed.

    1. Which method do u use exactly? do u use the auto mode or the manual mode?

    2. Hi ,

      I am facing the same problem, I use an X10i mobile.

      I have rooted it and trying to load xrecovery as per above suggestions but iam stuck with 3 stop icons .

      I use - Solid Explorer file manager.

      Can you let me know ho u resolved this problem which u faced sometime back ?


    3. did u try rebooting to recovery mode after the installation? to install this type of recovery you have to start from eclair v2.1. If u updated to GB this method is not applicable.

  7. I've been using ES Explorer and just found out, it has an option to enable editing \.\system. Now the installation is succesfull.
    Thanx for the quick reply!

  8. Okay, now I have an additional question: I;ve did the three wipes and I'm now at the point to install a new ROM. I've choosen the WolfXperia TW from xda.
    When I go to "Install custom ZIP" in Xrecovery and then browse to my SD-card where I put the, the message "SD-card not ready" appears. In the thread on XDA, there's a line which says: "(You'll need a working xRecovery or else it will say Device/SD Card busy)".

    So in what way can I test if my Xrecovery has any discrepancies compared to the one that should work?

  9. Damn, I think I've bricked it! I've read a couple of threads saying that there's a 0.3 Xrecovery without SDHC support. So I've switched my 16Gb SDHC card with a 4Gb one and copied the to the root and renamed it to
    Then booted in Xrecovery and choose "install sdcard\". Next thing happened was formatting system and other things and when he was ready for installing, the SD-card not ready message was shown again.

    So I now probably have a X10 with nothing on it ); If you have an idea, it would be much appreciated.

    1. sorry dude for the late reply. dont rename the file. just install the zip with custom zip. if your trying to installed the latest rom version. u should check for the latest version of xrecovery and also not forgetting if its needs a custome kernel.

  10. No problem, I'll let you have your weekend too :P

    I can't do anything anymore. I'm not getting into Xrecovery and Flashboot (version doesn't matter) says it's missing ..\system\bin\sh folder. I am able to flash a kernel.sin or a loader.sin, but the next step would be to enable debugging mode, but Android doesn't start anymore. Everything I do results in the white SE logo and that's it.

    I'm really afraid it's completely empty...

    1. this is the old style, only work with eclair and cyanogen froyo.since u have wipe all your previous data. i think u may have updated to gingerbread, that might be the main problem. dont worry bout software brick. its still cureable. but my x10 is already dead. so i cant help with in-phone-flash anymore. but i can help with push-pull method or more easier with the xperia flash tool. give me ur email. i'll sent you the flash tool and the tutorial to root and install the the latest version xrecovery.

  11. Thanks for your patience :) U've got mail.

    1. No pressure ;), but I was wondering if you'd received my email, I took the one in your profile.

    2. erm. i dont receive anything yet.

    3. okay, bit tricky but here's my emailadres:
      t_v_l @ hotmail . com (remove spaces)

  12. I'm still waiting for an email...

    1. i cant email you the file since my collection of firmwares and tweak is about 2.2GB. attaching it in emails would takes ages. but no worries. i'll share you the download links.

    2. here's for the flash tool -

      gingerbread firmware -

      u have to install seus and pc companion for the drivers.

    3. All three options give the message that the user has removed the file or it has copyright issues.

      I'm trying to give you access to a FTP server. Could you send me an email (posted above), which I can reply with credentials?

  13. just mail one of the admin here. r o k u h s z @ yahoo . com without the spaces.