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Thursday, April 14, 2011

porting xrecovery to xperia x8

INSTALLING xrecovery on your X8

On my previous post, i stated the method of installing xrecovery is the same method as the on X10, sorry ... its wrong... the only same method is the manual installation. The xrecovery installer.apk does not work with x8 and This method also works with the minis edition.

What you need;
  1. a rooted x8
  2. The 3 mod file xtracted from the xrecovery 0.1 :  xrecovery. Zip, chargemon and busybox.
  3. Root explorer

Follow the instruction carefully, nothing bad will happen.

1.       Download the required file and out in your SD root folder. Extract it to the 3 file as mention above.
2.       Now, open the Root Explorer and copy those 3 file to Phone/system/bin that is in your phone memory not your SD. Press the R/O @ R/W button on the upper screen before paste.  If not you can’t move the file at all. Exit the root explorer. DONE!
how to boot to recovery;
4.       Reboot the phone and press the back button repeatedly until u see the xrecovery menus. Use vol-up and vol-down to navigate around menus, Home button to select and BACK/POWER to go back to previous menu.

For the xrecovery file download visit the x8
I don’t mirror other peoples work. Sorry dudes. 

Now you can make backup, flash custom roms, flash custom tweak to your phone without using the Flash tool.
All the credits goes to a lot of Thanks to zdzihu and all the xda dev.